What is Jabz

A full body circuit style workout,

utilizing boxing inspired exercises designed specifically for all women.

Our focus is on developing fitness rather than fighters.



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The Jabz Experience

Jabz Boxing Fitness for Women is a 45-minute circuit workout that combines boxing exercises with cardio, strength training, plyometrics, and numerous other functional exercises used to produce maximum results for your body.

Start by setting up an account. Before coming to Jabz, all new and existing clients will register for a class online. Choose your location, enter your information, and start scheduling classes.

All new members will be given an orientation to ensure proper boxing techniques and form during their first class at Jabz.

You will begin each class with a 10-minute warm-up that consists of rowing, shadow boxing, jump ropes, and speed bag work.

Each daily workout will be demonstrated by one of our Certified Jabz Trainers, followed by 37 minutes of a fast-moving, full-body, high-intensity boxing-inspired circuit. Workouts change every day to ensure your body will be constantly challenged.

Each workout will be coached by one of our Certified Jabz Trainers to ensure proper form and to keep motivation level at its peak!

The Jabz workout is for ANYONE and EVERYONE. Whether your level of fitness is beginner or you are looking for a more challenging class, the Jabz workouts are designed to be modified to meet all clients’ needs. A Jabz trainer will be sure to push you to your own personal limit!

The Jabz Boxing ring is fully utilized during the circuit to give an authentic boxing feel to your workouts.

Each class ends with 5 minute cool down stretch.

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The Jabz philosophy is to give women a fitness studio that allows EVERY member to feel comfortable, safe, and motivated with a workout that is proven to get results. Our classes are small enough, limited to 16 girls per class, to ensure that everyone receives personal attention from our Certified Jabz Trainers. We believe by offering a workout studio that combines boxing, strength, cardio, core, and agility training all in one workout, women can achieve maximum results.

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Our Classes

Workouts Change Everyday

Jabz Boxing fitness classes are designed for all fitness levels. Our classes are designed to push each member to their own personal limits. During each class, members will rotate through 16 stations in the studio, including our fully functional boxing ring. Stations include heavy bags, uppercut bags, and muay thia bags, along with other equipment such as battle ropes, medicine balls, tires, etc.

Our classes change daily to keep the workouts new, challenging, and fun. One thing for sure, you’ll never get bored at Jabz!

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total body

Includes boxing, kickboxing, cardio, core strengthing, balance and agility, and endurance training excercises


boxing &
strength training

Includes a combination of boxing, cardio, and weight training all in a 16 round circuit concentrating on chest, back and biceps.


legs & glutes

Be ready for a lot of jumping, squatting, lunging, along with
our signature boxing stations.


boxing &
strength training

Includes a combination of boxing, cardio, and weight training all in a 16 round circuit concentrating on shoulders and triceps.


abs & core

Be ready for a lot of crunching, twisting, and punching along with our signature boxing stations.


ultimate challenge

Each exercise is designed to push your body to its limits. Along with the signature boxing stations, the circuit will be designed with mostly cardio and total body conditioning exercises. Bring your water and a towel !!
Get Ready To Sweat!

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Our Studios

Welcome to your new Jabz Studio. As you enter each Jabz Studio, you will get a feel of an authentic boxing gym with a little different flare. Our fully functional boxing ring is a part of our daily circuit, which includes heavy bags, upper cut bags, muay thia bags and speed bags. Outside of our ring, you will see stations set up with strength training equipment, core equipment, and agility equipment. The atmosphere of each Jabz studio begins with upbeat music that gets you pumped up immediately. Our Certified Jabz Trainers are there to greet you at the door and explain our concept. Before your first class begins,  you will be given a brief orientation and tour of the studio.

The studio will inspire you to get punching and start sweating right away.

Our Trainers

Motivated, knowledgeable, and certified, each Jabz trainer is ready to make you punch and sweat into the best shape of your life. Not only do our trainers encourage our members to push their limits, but they are constantly watching correcting, and motivating during each class.

Our Challenges

Our studios offer challenges for anyone who wants to track their overall progress.  At Jabz we want to help you knockout your fitness and nutrition goals.

We are constantly challenging our members to hit their goals and stay on the right path to healthy living. Our preferred wellness partners are available to assist in all of your nutritional needs.

For more information talk to your studio owner or manager.